Preschool Toys, Games & Jigsaw Puzzles

Working with established and trusted retailers we feature some of the most popular preschool toys and games, including leading brands such as Brio, Lego Duplo, Tomy & Fisher-Price. We also feature character themed toys from some of the most popular television series and films including In the Night Garden, Charlie & Lola, Postman Pat, Thomas The Tank Engine, Bob The Builder and many more of your children's favorites.

Choosing Preschool Toys And Games

Children's toys are always clearly labelled with their target age range. It's important to choose toys that are suitable for your child - not least, because children get extremely bored or frustrated with toys that aren't appropriate for their age.

It's important to buy from reputable retailers such as Amazon, too - nothing is more disappointing than receiving a damaged or incomplete toy. All the toys on this site are available from Amazon and can be purchased online - an ideal timesaver for busy parents.

Top Toy For Older Children

The company behind the range of Science Museum licensed toys (Wow! Stuff) recently announced what looks like being one of the best selling toys of 2010 - Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey. Dave is a small monkey who can perform various gestures and sound effects via a pocket controller.